iSense: the very first targeting tool that thinks in the same way you do.

iSense Display ensures campaigns are placed on pages which are contextually relevant to them, whatever the format and medium. The ad server analyses the content, determines the semantic context and its key topics, and places the advertising in the desired surroundings only.  

“We trialed advertising on online networks for the first time in 2008 to promote our new micro site,, designed to showcase the iconic Retro range. Our media and creative agencies, TCS Media and Cogent Elliott, identified that semantic targeting had the potential to reach the right audiences with strong interest in certain lifestyle categories cost effectively. ad pepper media’s iSense Network has been used to precisely target web users interacting with entertainment, home & garden and food & drink content across a broad range of quality editorial-led sites. It’s so important to have an online presence in this arena as more and more people are using the web to research products and it’s been important to us to bring life to the breadth of our range of products. This exercise was so successful in terms of click throughs and conversions that online display advertising is now a vital activity in our marketing plans.”

Cally Elston, Brand Manager at Smeg

Instead of merely selecting individual web pages, keywords or topics, iSense chooses individual, precisely targeted web pages within the iSense Network for advertisers who have chosen their desired topic environments. Only websites that exactly match the desired topics are considered for advert placement. A category structure with more than 3,000 contextual topics allows suitable advertisement locations to be filled, whether the topic range is broad or very specific. With iSense, it is possible to target any combination of categories or niche topics.


The advantages of iSense at a glance:

  • Increase coverage and reduce wastage: You only pay for the topic-specific page impressions where your advertising appears
  • Precise campaign targeting to achieve specific advertising aims
  • Choice of 3,000 topic categories
  • Combination with brand protection product SiteScreen Network excludes page impressions in inappropriate contexts

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